COVID-19 Response

Joe Soloski stands with small businesses and essential workers in vehemently opposing Governor Tom Wolf's latest round of statewide lockdowns. Below, you can find Joe's stance on the Coronavirus and healthcare in the Commonwealth.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its related lockdowns have taught us several things:

  1. We need to protect those that are most vulnerable to the virus.

  2. Blanket lockdowns have horrendous economic consequences.

  3. Ancillary consequences can be caused by lockdowns. This includes suicides, domestic & child abuse, depression, etc.

The virus is real and it must be addressed effectively. The unintended consequences of these lockdowns have devastating long-term effects that damage individuals, families, and fray our society.

There are other issues that are directly tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, you can find where I stand on key issues, such as health care.

Reduce the Emergency Powers of the Governor

The latest round of lockdowns have shown us that the Governor wields too much power in our Commonwealth. Tom Wolf's economic shutdown has crippled our economy and resulted in the premature death of many small businesses. The lockdown has also resulted in an increase in depression, domestic & child abuse, and suicides.

When I am elected, I will ask the state legislature to write legislation curtailing the emergency powers of the Governor. I believe that when emergency powers are situationally necessary, they should be capped at 21 days. If I feel that certain emergency measures must be continued, I will have to obtain legislative concurrence to continue the emergency orders.


Free market healthcare is the solution to our healthcare problems. Only competition can drive down prices for all medical services and procedures. Government has no place in the management or rationing of healthcare services. Government only causes artificial shortages of services at an increased price to the consumer.