Do We Want Our Liberty or Don't We?

What does ‘Liberty’ mean to you? Anything? More specifically, what does your own ‘personal liberty’ mean to you?

Look at where we are today, as a Country, and where we’ve been. We’ve endured the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump Administrations (I’m using the term ‘administrations’ here very loosely). Each of those Presidencies, and the Congresses that accompanied them, did little to ensure your personal liberties.

The last 30 years have been, at times, so tumultuous and, at other times, so numbing, that many of us have simply succumbed to the state of affairs that government is now. We sometimes forget what government is supposed to be, so we look the other way, check out, and don’t hold their feet to the fire, as we are supposed to.

We have the right to speak, to worship, to assemble, to defend ourselves, and many more. Our inherent rights are the very underpinnings of our society. Unfortunately, many of us have come to take those rights for granted and are willing to sacrifice them for the allure and mirage of ‘security’.

Government’s role is to ensure our rights and to defend us, and our nation, should we be threatened or attacked. Those are first and foremost in our government’s role. They also need to always be sure that they are operating in a fiscal manner that is prudent. If Government wants to assure us security, effective fiscal management of their affairs is most important to providing us the security that they are supposed to be defending.

Excessive debt to other countries, fiat currency, debt to the Federal Reserve, and constant deficit spending undermines the very security of our Nation.

Your freedoms, your liberties, are at stake. If we continue to let them erode and disappear, we may never get them back. A Country where the government constantly operates with a heavy hand, unchecked, is not what our Founders envisioned when they set this great nation on its course of unbridled freedom and opportunity.

And criticize our great Founders as you will, but I think that we can all agree that they seized a marvelous opportunity to create a great Nation, where self-governance and personal opportunity could thrive.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our great Nation does not dissolve to oblivion under or feet.

The two Parties of the Duopoly, the Republicans and Democrats, have been in power since the mid-1800s. While many successes have come to be realized, over that time, because of, and in spite of the governing of the Republicans and Democrats, it is past the time when we should be instituting new governance for our future security.

You know, as well as I do, that our current two-party government structure is riddled with corruption, injustice, over-spending, over-taxing, and the general disregard of the citizenry that it is supposed to protect. If you want a different result, then you’re going to have to vote and elect something very different.

I challenge you to bring a third Party into the mix. Simple logic has to tell you that if you keep doing the same thing, election after election, you’re going to keep getting the same poor results that you’ve been experiencing for years.

The Libertarian Party offers you something much different. We are the Original Founders’ Philosophy. We are for the smallest effective government, lower spending, reduced taxation, and most importantly, the preservation of your individual, personal liberties; Those very liberties that you have come to love and desperately want to hold onto.

Ladies and Gentleman, I urge you to take the time to get to know every Libertarian candidate on your ballots. Ask questions, check out their websites, read and research all of the Libertarian candidates in your town, your district, and your State. See what you think of them and then, this November, vote for them!

I promise you: if you want to see great, positive change happen, and for our government to be restored to the condition that it was supposed to hold, elect the Libertarian candidates on your ballot.

The mop-up detail that the Republicans and Democrats have left for us is formidable, but we are up to the task.